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Our environnemental practices

Discover our commitments to preserve our exceptional natural environment.

Soil treatments and insecticides.
Our vineyeard is nested in an exceptional and natural environment that we are committing to preserve every day. Today, we are gathering our efforts to reduce as much as possible impacts on the environment. This special attention permits to guarantee the high quality of our wine in order to let future generations use it. All of our practices come in 4 key axis and an HVE label.


Soil treatments

Soil treatments are replaced by ground labor.

The bases of the vines are covered with soil then ground is aired and we add fertilizers.

Grounds ploughed boost deep vines’ rooting which protects vines from drought. In order to avoid light grounds to pill up, labor are achieved by animal traction.



No insecticide

Insecticides are banned.

Thanks to forest’s natural wildlife around the vineyard, there is a balance where : « the biggest eat the smallest », ladybird eats aphid, others insects eat green leafhoppers, and our 3 colonies’ bats make sure to keep vineyard away from cochidis and others nocturnal insects.

Furthermore, we disseminate female hormones to eradicate, by sexual confusion, the grape caterpillars and the « flavescence dorée » (vineyard disease). Lastly, hives which are growing up are a guarantee to the environment balance.


No artificial fertilizers

Without artificial fertilizers.

Natural fertilizers come from vine: after pruning, vine shoots are smashed and gathered into a horse manure for 24months.

After decomposition, this rich natural ground is reintroduced in the vineyard into 5 tonnes/hectares (acres).



Phytosanitary treatments

Phytosanitary treatments restriction.

Proteody effects called « genodics » considerably reduce wood diseases (esca, BDA, Eutypiose).

Vine is directly impacted by environmental sounds. We also diffuse protein’s melodies called « protéodies », in order to regulate synthesis level of specific protein at the cellular level, it allows to slow down mushrooms growth and to reinforce natural process defense of the vineyard.


“Our vineyard gives us each year excellence. We have to give it special respect and attention in order to sustain this nature miracle”
– Philippe Miecaze

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